Robotic camera control

Give yourself freedom

Intelligent assistance systems for minimally invasive surgery

The assistance system for MIS surgery

  • Full functionality for visceral surgery, urology and gynaecology.
  • Stable and shake-free image, enhancing the quality of surgery.
  • Assistants can focus their full attention on the operating procedure and thus actively support the surgeon.

Steady field of vision

  • The system provides surgeons with a stable and rock-steady field of vision, even in extreme endoscope positions.
  • The wide scope of movement allows surgeons full visibility of the operating sites – without any restrictions. There is no need to alter your customary way of working.

Safe and sterile work

  • A stable image allows surgeons to work in a more relaxed manner, providing them with a reliable view of essentials.
  • Even extreme camera positions can be retained as long as required, which is a considerable advantage over manual camera control.
  • Joystick, joint and camera support are autoclavable. The SOLOASSIST itself is covered by a sterile single- use drape.

Precise robotic control

  • With minimally invasive procedures, surgeons can work with both hands. Logically, the SOLOASSIST is controlled via a joystick positioned on the instrument.
  • The ergonomic joystick can be adapted to fit almost all commercially available handpieces by using a clamp mount.
  • The functional design of the joystick facilitates handling. The keypad enhances the safety of surgery.

Dynamic manual positioning

  • At the push of a button, the arm can be moved and pulled into the required position. When the button is released, the arm is locked immediately, remaining in the set position.
  • The unlocking button is located on the distal end of the arm in an easily accessible position.

Straightforward docking

  • Docking to the operating table is extremely simple thanks to the quick-coupling device.
  • After the surgical procedure is completed, the arm is hung onto the trolley. The trolley is fully mobile and serves for storing the SOLOASSIST.